Below you will find the online registration form for the upcoming 2021 wrestling season.

Registration costs: $75 for first wrestler, $65 for each additional wrestler.  New wrestlers will need to bring a copy of state issued Birth Certificate.

Wrestlers usually wear shirt, shorts, and wrestling shoes. Headgear and singlets are optional. Wrestling shoes are only to be worn on the mat. This will help us keep our mats clean and bacteria free. Coaches will allow clean gym shoes to be worn for the first couple of practices until you can get wrestling shoes.

If a wrestler is planning to go to a tournament they are required to have wrestling shoes, head gear, and singlets.  Each wrestler will need a blue and a red singlet, or a reversible singlet.

Signed release forms, payment, and registration are required to be able to practice. A wrestler without all paperwork turned in, will not be allowed on the mat.