Mission statement
The Pinedale Pummelers Wrestling Club will promote the interest in the sport of wrestling among the youths and the parents/guardians of Sublette County, Wyoming, and supervise and promote a disciplined and competitive program of wrestling. Our club promotes a safe, positive and friendly atmosphere where those interested in wrestling can learn about the sport. We focus on good sportsmanship, honesty, and respect for authority and skills needed to achieve success both on and off the mat. We encourage participation in local, state, regional and national championships allows our athletes of all ages, sizes, gender and skill levels to increase their competition experience, improve their wrestling talent, and enhance their confidence levels while developing vital life skills, such as leadership, teamwork, integrity and sportsmanship.

Wrestling is a unique sport in that it provides both physical and mental development. We are a non-profit organization that provides wrestling instruction for youths (girls and boys) ages 5 – 18. Pinedale Pummelers purpose is to support wrestling at all levels, promote the sport to the public and develop amateur athletes for wrestling competition. Pinedale Pummelers promotes and supports Folkstyle and Freestyle Wrestling.

Pinedale Pummelers is committed to providing a safe environment for its members, participants, coaches, officials and volunteers and to prevent abusive conduct and harassment in any form while participating. Pinedale Pummelers promotes good sportsmanship throughout the organization and encourages qualities of mutual respect, courtesy and tolerance in all members, participants, coaches, officials, staff and volunteers. Pinedale Pummelers advocates building strong self-images among the youth participants. Athletes with a strong self-image may be less likely targets for abuse or harassment; similarly, they may be less likely to engage in abuse or to harass or bully others around them.

Board Of Directors
President – Aaron Willson
Vice President – Mike Nutt                                                                                       
Secretary – Diane Willson
Treasurer – Greta Nutt

Pinedale Pummelers
PO Box 2177
Pinedale, WY  82941